MiDei Pa’am , A tale of two women.

MiDei Pa’ am, Hebrew for  From Time to  Time, spans  the war years in Britain and Europe . An-historical love story where the lives of  Maeve,  red-headed, survivor of World War Two and  Sara, Maeve’s doubleganger and  Jewish victim of the holocaust, are inextricably linked by family and the man they fall in love with.

The front cover portrays a glorious redhead, a renowned pre-Raphaelite painting.

Manny Blumenthal, Jewish, but firstly a sophisticated Berliner, entrepreneur in the fashion Industry, artist at heart, was a fan.

The painting portrays  Ophelia before her suicide,  gone mad by the betrayal of her lover.

An image that in MiDei Pa’am  personifies Nazi  Germany’s betrayal of the Jewish people; a volte-face where pre- National Socialists,  Jews were emboldened in  an assimilated Berlin, hedonistic, tolerant of interracial marriage  but which surrendered to  a Nazi movement  guilty of  heinous genocide and near  Judaic annihilation.

In Berlin, Manny falls for the innocent titian-haired  Sara, a student in his father Moshe’s Avant- guard fashion emporium. Moshe, like Manny a womanizer, style guru to the rich and powerful Berliners, the ‘in ‘ crowd and importantly the Nazi party wives of the Schutzstaffel (SS).

Kristallnacht in Vienna,  a catastrophe waiting to happen:  the blue touch paper ignited by Hershel Grynszpan, Polish  Jew,  haplessly taking revenge for his family’s expulsion from Germany and rejection by his rumored homosexual lover, by assassinating the said paramour, the  Under-Secretary to the German Ambassador to France.

Ironically,  given their proclaimed distaste for homosexuals, this gave the Nazis their awaited thinly-veiled excuse to torch Europe’s Jewish communities in an act of vicious revenge and resentment.

Sara Beckman falls foul of the tsunami of hate sweeping Europe in these darkest of days, culminating in the betrayal of humanity in the evil concentration camps.

Sara, lost in the mayhem of Kristallnacht, betrayed by a fellow Jew, victim of Candace’s unrequited love for Manny, senselessly sentenced to incarceration in Dachau on the despicable charge of simply being Jewish.

Vienna, the most viciously affected city of those that were savaged on that night of broken glass.

Manny fruitlessly searches for Sara and returns to the Sacher Hotel where under the glare of the crystal chandelier his eyes rest on the portrait of a  beautiful red-head. A portrait that, to this day, hangs in the hotel’s red room.

Maeve, Manny’s other redhead, a lesser victim, suffers World War Two and a failed love affair, trapped in a loveless marriage, escapes and with Manny’s help seamlessly breaks into the burgeoning post-war fashion industry in Manchester, Cottonopolis, the busy hive of textile manufacturers in the North.

The ultimate fate of the two redheads? You will have to read the book.