MiDei Pa’am

Manny Blumenthal, a Berlin Jew, survives “Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass” and then a concentration camp to escape the Holocaust. He finds refuge in Manchester’s Cottonopolis, where he rebuilds his family’s former successful fashion empire, torn apart by Nazism.

Courageously, he pulls together the threads of his life, sustained by his illicit liaison with Maeve, a beautiful young gentile so reminiscent of Sara, his pre-war sweetheart.

Maeve escapes poverty and the façade of her loveless marriage. Recovering from a stifled affair with her Jewish lover, Jake, she relentlessly pursues her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Despite Manny’s resolve, his life unravels as the horror of Kristallnacht returns to torment him. His attempt to face his demons in post-war Vienna fails, when avenging the death of his family at the behest of the Nokmim – a Zionist revolutionary group – his life is once again left in shreds.